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3D Sniper

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3D Sniper distinguishes itself from other free sniper games by using graphics and models that closely resemble popular PC and console releases. The smooth gameplay and clean layout of the maps make for a user-friendly gaming experience.

In the game, your commanding general has been forced to crash-land your unit’s chopper right in the middle of an enemy camp. Severely outnumbered, you will have to split up and take on different locations if you’re going to stand a chance. Wipe out all opposition and you’ll escape as a hero.

Enemy soldiers will pop out of different places and come directly at you while shooting. Rapidly aim and fire to stop them before they land any shots on you. Don’t worry about reloading, your semi-automatic rifle has a seemingly endless and fully loaded magazine. Once your health bar is empty, you will fall at the hands of your adversary. Don’t let it happen! Good luck, soldier.

Instructions and Controls for 3D Sniper

Shoot Enemy
Shoot at opposing soldiers by left-clicking your mouse.

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