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Counter-Snipe is one of the best sniper games currently available online. In the game, you can choose to play either single player or multiplayer. In multiplayer mode, you will face a real life player and be challenged to snipe them before they can land a shot on you.

The game has realistic aspects and unlike similar games, there is a reload time after firing a shot from your rifle. The scope will also move around a little bit when you zoom in to simulate the movement caused by breathing.

In the single player mode of the game, you will have to take down as many of your enemies as you can before time expires. You will get bonus time for each enemy soldier that you successfully kill. Headshots will kill the enemy in one shot, so aim carefully.

Follow the red arrows on the game screen and take out your opposition, whether it’s a computer enemy or another player. Compete with other players around the world to become the best sniper in the game.

Instructions and Controls for Counter-Snipe

Use your mouse to aim your gun and left-click to shoot.

Press the SPACE BAR to zoom in your aim on the target.

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  1. ajith says:

    It’s very fun.

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