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Sniper Assassin 2

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Jump back into the role of Shawn Davidson and continue on your mission to eliminate Mr. Johnson in Sniper Assassin 2, the second release in this popular series of sniper games. The game starts with a quick flashback to the final mission of the original Sniper Assassin. After discovering your wife murdered by Johnson’s crew of thugs, you’re ready to get back to work, and more motivated than ever to take Mr. Johnson out, despite his warnings to stay away.

Start the game by taking on a mission to “fix” a marriage that is being destroyed by an unfaithful wife. Complete it and you’ll get $5,000 that will help you get closer to your ultimate goal. Continue stacking up cash, and remain patient, you’ll get your shot at Mr. Johnson and his lowlife minions.

Enjoy the progression of the story and be on the lookout for part three in the series of Sniper Assassin games, coming soon. Make sure that you play through the original Sniper Assassin game to get the full background story.

Instructions and Controls for Sniper Assassin 2

Aim and Shoot
Move your mouse to aim at a target through your scope and LEFT-CLICK your mouse to fire.

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